A Poem on Iran

Because poetry is widely read, memorized, and quoted in daily conversations among Iranians, we share the following poem with you which we received from a friend:

There was once a country, & Iran was her name
It had some good rulers, and some who were lame

Its history goes back, some seven thousand years
This country was made with, blood and sweat and tears

Throughout all the history, she has withstood wars
It has been called many things, “Iran, Persia, Pars”

It had bend but not break, fighting foreign mobs
Each time having heroes, Rostams & Sohrabs

Poetry flourished, during all this time
Ferdowsi & Hafez, Sa’adi & Khayyam

What a great rich culture, that had never died
They brought back what once lost, Iranian pride

All we ever wanted, to be a great nation
Like thousand some years ago, before the invasions

Their jury has voted, and our sentence done
All of us are guilty, of loving our Iran

No matter what happens tomorrow, the sun will again rise
And you’ll know who was truthful & who told us lies

(The poet wishes to remain anonymous)