Conspiracy to change a heritage name “The Persian Gulf”

by M.Ajam, member of GHGN

Historical and unique name of The Persian Gulf and its equivalents in different languages has been continuously in used since 3000 years ago in all languages, cultures, and all civilizations throughout the centuries and across the world. More than 2000 ancient literatures, books and maps belong to the past three millenniums, which contain this historical and heritage name are proof to the Persian Gulf as the right nomenclature. It was in 1952 after confiscation of British Petroleum properties by Iranian government that false and politically motivated title of Arabian Gulf was suggested by BP. then it was Roderick Owen (a British representative in the then colonialized Emirates) that for the first time put this suggestion in his book The Golden Bubble of the Arabian Gulf, This suggestion was later imitated by some Arab extremists and fanatic leaders and the BBC was first to support this dirty conspiracy.

Recent Distorting and denomenclature of the Persian Gulf name is not only an insult to the ancient cultures and injustice to the history and overall heritage of mankind but also an aggression to a universal accepted and established 3000 years ancient and heritage name. Assault to a heritage name is similar to the tragedy that happened to the museum of Baghdad on assaults of 12/4/2002 and both are criminal act.

Persian Gulf, has been recognized as the real and rightful nomenclature not only by all ancient and past writers and historical nations but also by all modern international organizations and Int. societies among them the followings:

1- United Nation.
2- UNCSGN-United Nation Conference on Standardization of Geographical Names.
3- UN Cartographic Unit Staff.
4- IHO-International Hydrographic Organization.
5- IMO- International Maritime Organization.
6- IAPO-International Associations of Physical Oceanography.
7- IHB- International Hydrographic Bureau.
8- United nation Documents on geographical names.
9- UNICODE-Encoding Standards Consortium.
10- ISO-International Standardization Organization.
11- IHA- International Hydrographic Association.
12- UNGEGN-United Nations Group on Geographic Names.
13- UNGIWG- United Nation’s Geographic Information Working group.
14- UNGIS- UN Geographical Information.
15- IAPO- International Association of Physical Oceanography
16- UNEP- United Nation Environmental Program.
19- WB- World Bank.
20- ICA- International Cartography Association.
Incomplitization and distorting this historical name, is an illegal and unconventional act and in contrast to the resolutions of the UNGEGN and UN Conferences on the Standardization of Geographical Names.

Converting this name by a new false name is a clear breach of international laws and regulations. If we don’t join hand this heritage name will be vanished by petro monies of the fanatic leader in region.

M.Ajam, member of GHGN
Guardians for Heritage Geographical Names and
Society for Historical Names. SHN . For more information:
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Persian Gulf equivalents and synonyms = Mare de Persia -Sinus Persici- Mare Persio-Sinus Persico- Mare Persio- Mar Persiano-Sinus Persico Mare Persio-Persiski Zaliv ,Persischer Golf ,Sino Persico . Pars sea- Bahre Fars . Bahre Ajam. Perza Obol- Porucha Wan-Parsitstsots- Persiste Habbugt. Persicus .Persicon ยก Persique. Persicum. Parsitstsots. Persidski.