Taking Action

Some activities we would like to suggest to our members are:

  • Encourage the public library and the libraries in the schools in your area to have a book display on Iranian/Persian art, famous poets, or food. If the library does not have enough books, collect books from the local members and offer them to the library to display. If you have any extra copies with you, donate them to the public library. Click here for book suggestions
  • Organize a lecture series/seminars at an institution of higher learning near you that highlights the Iranian influence on the Western world. This can be done with the help of Iranian faculty and students in the University.
  • Organize events (happenings, film festivals, talks, radio talk shows) that celebrate aspects of Persian doctrine, culture, history in an appropriate manner.
    Organize public readings of Iranian authors.
  • Send press releases regarding your events to the press; or suggest story ideas to them
  • Mention Iranian events/meetings; ask organizations to include a paragraph on our celebrations in their forthcoming newsletters and programs.
  • Associations around the world could organize a special event for the Iranian/Persian art or music inviting community members and local politicians to attend.
  • Try to obtain a proclamation from the Mayor, Governor, Etc.

Some of the activities we are planning centrally: a special pin or pen, a tote bag, press releases, a powerpoint presentation which all associations can use etc.

These are suggestions if you have any more do send them on, or if you have any special expertise which you can offer to enrich our website and/or activities, please volunteer. We look forward to working with all of you.