Those who are interested in doing research/studies in Iran

Anjoman-e Iranshenasi-Tehran (Barzein Mehr)/ Society of Iranologists
Non-Profit Private Research Organization

addr: P.O.Box 937-19585
city: Tehran
state: Tehran
fax: 021-804-6530

Established in 1368 (1989) to gather researchers for exchanging and updating recent developments in Archeology, Anthropology, Mythology, and Art of Iran. Anjoman-e Iranshenasi-Tehran is an educational and research institution dedicated to the preservation, study, and transmission of Iran’s cultural heritage. The institution supports research and publications in the field of Iranian studies by the international community of Iranian and non-Iranian scholars and serves as an information center for those who seek to study Persian history and culture.


· To encourage, publish, and disseminate works of Iranian researchers, artists, writers, and poets;

· To organize lectures, seminars, and conferences on Iranian studies, to reaffirm Iranians’ pride in their heritage, and to bring to Iranians the achievements of thousands of years of Persian history and culture;

· To reach out to people who may have acquired a distorted view of Persian heritage and civilization;